Tailgate Cruiser available to WVU fans heading to College Park!


Are you heading to College Park, MD on Saturday to watch the Eers make soup out of the Terps? OK, good! Now, are you hauling a bunch of your tailgating equipment with you? Really? Why?

The guys at “Andy’s Tailgate Cruiser” don’t want you haulin all of your crap to Byrd Stadium. In fact, they’ll be more than happy to wheel you some chairs, a table, a tent, and even a cornhole game set… best part? You don’t even have to clean it up afterwards. More after the break!

VIENNA, VA — Chances are if you attend any kind of sporting event you like to enjoy yourself before the game. But that enjoyment comes with the hassle of lugging large, heavy equipment to the stadium, followed by the frustration of packing it all back up again just to clean it when you get home. Retired Navy Lt. Cmdr. Andy Macias is here to tell you, “Leave those hassles at home.”

Macias launched “Andy’s Tailgate Cruiser” after leaving the Navy and has been providing customers with a convenient, affordable alternative to purchasing, transporting, and cleaning cumbersome tailgating equipment such as grills, tents, coolers, tables, and chairs.

“I got tired of being the guy in the parking lot who didn’t have a grill to cook burgers, or even a chair to sit in,” Macias said. “Because I didn’t have any equipment with me, I felt like I was missing out on all the fun. I started wondering how many other people out there were just like me.” After years of traveling to sporting events and not being able to tailgate, Macias said enough was enough.

Andy’s Tailgate Cruiser offers customers a standard tailgating package that provides them with the tools they need to have a tailgate and enjoy the pre-game atmosphere in the parking lot. Fans can also customize their tailgate with Build-Your-Tailgate, which lets people order the equipment they need to best fit the size of their group. The best part is…you do it all online.

Customers rent the Tailgate Cruiser at www.tailgatecruiser.com and pick it up at the distribution point in the parking lot on gameday. Customers simply push the cart to their parking spot and start their tailgate. They return the equipment when they are done and do not have to clean anything.

“We don’t need to educate our customers about their pain,” Macias said. “What we do makes sense to them. There’s no longer an excuse to mooch off other people. No alumni group or fan club to join. Just tailgate with the people you want to be with.”

Macias wants to provide sports fans with a more enjoyable tailgating option at stadiums across the country and has plans to franchise his business nationwide.

For more information on how you can take your tailgating experience to the next level, visit www.tailgatecruiser.com or call 571-306-2170.