Cato ain’t shook!


When we last left Debbie Downer, he was trying to downplay new coach Dana Holgorsen, saying that his offense is COMMONPLACE in C-USA and that Marshall should have no problem stopping it.

This week? Well, he’s saying “Cato ain’t skurred” of WVU fans. We’ll see about that. Time to tear Landon’s latest piece of sh*t fiction apart!

Chuck Landon: WVU fans unlikely to intimidate MU’s Cato

The only time Rakeem Cato rattles is when he’s about to strike.
Shake, rattle & roll!

Intimidated? Shook? Threatened?

You’re joking, right?
Chucky, the only joke around these parts is you when you pretty much do anything after you get out of bed in the morning.

The only people who think it’s possible for Marshall’s true freshman quarterback to get un-nerved, come unglued or grow unraveled are the ones who haven’t met him yet.
That’s a whole lotta folks.

Spend any time whatsoever with this interesting 19-year-old, who is much more complex than most folks realize, and one incontrovertible fact quickly rises to Cato’s quiet, guarded surface.
Chuck wanted to spend other kinds of time with him, but Cato probably isn’t into that sort of thing.

This kid doesn’t blink.

Not ever.
Great, Landon fills up column space by writing pathetic one sentence paragraphs. Wouldn’t some of these also qualify as “sentence fragments?”

There’s a very good reason for that. Growing up parentless from the age of 13 in a rough, tough neighborhood in Miami, Fla., known as the “Liberty City” section of the Scott Projects, coping with intimidation was a way of daily life.
The old saying, “Only the strong survive,” isn’t a cliché on the mean streets where Cato is from. It’s a statement of fact. Cato survived and, to his credit, actually thrived because of his mental strength and toughness.
Don’t worry, Cato, unlike your part of Miami and very unlike Huntington, we don’t have guns at the field to intimidate you! Just 60,000-strong fans yelling at the top of their lungs!

Which brings us to Cato’s collegiate debut when Marshall takes on arch-rival and 24th-ranked West Virginia University at 3:30 p.m. Sunday in Mountaineer Field at Morgantown.

If the Mountaineers’ chronically rowdy, unruly fans think they are going to intimidate Cato — and, yes indeed, that is their expectation — they are even more delusional than usual.
Chuck, you’re a part of a delusional fanbase. What the hell are we supposed to do, sit on our hands and be quiet when Cato takes the ball?

It’s not going to happen.
Marshall beating WVU? “It’s not going to happen.”

Not with this 19-year-old, who is mature and mentally tough far, far beyond his years.
Geno > Cato. Cato’s gunna get in trouble for pissing all over the field because he’s so scared.

“Really, I don’t care what it’s like up there,” said Cato in his typically quiet voice. “I’m going to every stadium and every game is a big game, so. … whether I’m a freshman or a senior, I just want to play ball and just learn the system and be humble.”
Of course, he doesn’t know that Bruce Irvin’s going to PROPERLY welcome him to College Football. BTW, “typical quiet voice” = SCARED STIFF.

Granted, there won’t be a tougher, more hostile snake pit of a stadium in America for a true freshman quarterback to be making his debut. If there are 60,000 fans at the sold-out game, about 57,000 will be WVU diehards who will be anti-Cato.
How does Landon know there will be 3000 Marshall fans there? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

How will this teen-ager deal with that?
Hopefully not with guns like he does in Huntington.

Again, Cato didn’t blink.
“I love going against their fans,” said the 6-foot-1, 180-pound quarterback. “I love being the underdog. I just want to go out there and have fun. The fans? They won’t bother me because I’ll be focused. I’ll keep them out of my head.
You’ve never been up against WVU before, you idiot!

“I like going against the fans.”
You’re outnumbered, Cato. According to Chuck, it’s 57,000 vs. 1

Cato insists the rowdy crowd will be little more than background noise for him. He believes he can turn down the volume in his head.
Yeah, right!

“Yeah, I can blank them out,” said Cato. “I can stay in the system. That won’t be a problem for me. I kind of feed off that. I hope they’ll be louder than ever. I kind of like that. I kind of like playing off the fans.
Be loud, Mountaineer fans!!!

“I just hope they bring their biggest crowd ever in WVU history.”
For Marshall? Nope.

Cato proved his point rather convincingly during Marshall’s first closed practice of preseason camp. Without the customary fans in Edwards Stadium, Cato struggled.
So, expect more of the same at “The Joan” this year, Moo-U apologists.

“Yeah, that was my worst practice ever,” he admitted. “I threw three interceptions. I kept looking up in the stands and nobody was there.
That’s because they’re all in line at McDonald’s, looking to retain the title of “Fattest City in America.”

“I feed off the fans. They kind of make me play good. So, that won’t be a problem at WVU.”
Interception after interception for the jarred Cato! Let’s add some fumbles and bad snaps for the hell of it!

That won’t keep Mountaineer fans from trying, of course. Yet, it actually could backfire. A guy like Cato just might turn the mental tables and use the venomous fans as motivation.

With that in mind, here’s some advice.
Go home, Marshall! Go back to Kentucky!

Better listen for the rattle.
What rattle? A baby’s rattle? Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me to see Marshall players stealing from babies these days.