New W-V-U Kickoff Chant to Go About as Well as All New Chants Go


Well it’s September, so it’s about that time of year the Mountaineer Maniacs try to roll out something new to justify their existence. When I was in school there it was the ”new” way to say the ”Let’s go Mountaineers!” chant, a chant that is awesome, intimidating, and needs no such alteration. What does this merry arm of the Universities fan control and freshman indoctrination Athletic Department want you to whisper at a reasonable level so as to not disrupt the families yell now? WVIllustrated has this exclusive-

"At just about every football stadium in America, you’ll hear some contingency of supporters making a low “Oooo” noise prior to the kick that grows louder as the kicker approaches the ball until it climaxes when contact is made.That part won’t change, but Staffileno believes a simple way to take that generic one-syllable chant and customize it is to add three more syllables to the end. So after the “Oooo” ends, you would chant, “W-V-U!” as the ball hangs in the air.In addition to the audible part of the chant, fans are asked to form each letter with their hand like they do when the marching band plays the song “Fight Mountaineers.””I was trying to think of new cheers to implement into the game day experience,” says Staffileno. “I thought it would be easier to get people on board if we added a new variation to an existing cheer as opposed to creating something entirely new.”"

Anyone want to take a bet on how quickly ”W-V-U” turns into ”Eat-Sh-t-Pitt”? I’ll lay 100$ on ”2nd possession of the Norfolk State game”.

I support a hell of a lot of what Oliver Luck has done since he’s gotten the A.D. post, but this is just the latest attempt by The University and Athletic Department to control what fans do during the game. Well choreographed chanting and an interpretative  dance to ”Mary Had a Little Lamb” is not intimidating, unless there is a lamb in the oppositions jersey being slaughtered at mid-field. (I support this.) It’s OK if opposing fans are a little scared to enter Mountaineer field, especially if they’re Marshall fans and you tell them that if their parents loved them, they would have raised them to be Mountaineer fans. Yelling insults at opposing fans and players is OK, in my opinion.

Oliver Luck is a businessman 1st and foremost, and if things ever do go south, he’s going to need that sterling reputation and staid, boring ”family friendly” atmosphere to put butts in seats. So instead of laying my hard loaned cash to attend games, I’ll just watch from the confines of home, where I’m free to drink 12 beers for less than 7$, and call Doc Holliday a bug-eyed c-nt.