Texas A&M to SEC and what it means for WVU


So, you’d think after last summer’s realignment which saw Colorado and Utah jump to the Pac-12 and Nebraska jumping to the Big 10 that we’d seen the last of it for a while.

Nope, not really. Last night, Texas A&M is reported to be going to the SEC by AggieYell.com. A&M has wanted out for a long time, and with Texas recently starting up their “Longhorn Network”, it’s just accelerated A&M’s desire to leave a soon-to-be-defunct Big 12. Nebraska’s looking like geniuses right about now.

Anyone who keeps up with College Football knows that “Texas A&M to the SEC” discussions are one of the worst-kept secrets in college football. For years, the two operations have been flirting with each other. Now, it seems like it may soon be a reality. Nothing is for sure though.

Furthermore, I’m going to discuss what this latest round of conference realignment means to WVU.

On running an “informal” poll last night on our Twitter account (@hailwv), I found that most WVU fans want the Eers to bolt the Big East. Now, whether joining the ACC or SEC seems to be split.

I can argue both the good and the bad about moving to both conferences…

ACC GOOD: (Never thought I’d be saying that… yuck.) Traveling would be easy, with WVU fanbases in the Carolinas (UNC, Duke, NC State, Wake), Georgia (G-Tech) and Florida (FSU & Miami). Plus, there’s the rivalry that’s already in place with Maryland; and it would bring back old rivalries (and most likely, old hatreds) with Virginia Tech and Miami. Also, crashing the “wine and cheese” tailgates of places like Duke would be fun. Plus, the ACC Champion gets a guaranteed spot in the Orange Bowl. On a personal level, there would be some guaranteed trips to the Carolinas and Florida.

ACC BAD: If Florida State and Virginia Tech bolt for the SEC, would the ACC still be an attractive option? Absolutely not. FSU and VPI are the ACC’s “creme de la creme” and if they bail, who does that leave? Miami is still a few light years away from returning to prominence and the Tobacco Road Syndicate aren’t any good at football. Plus, in basketball, the ACC is STILL A STEP DOWN FROM THE BIG EAST!!!

SEC GOOD:  It’s the SEC, the #1 Power Conference in College Football right now; and for the most part, WVU has held their own against SEC opponents in recent times… 1-0 against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl, 2-0 against Mississippi State, 1-1 against Auburn, and 0-1 against LSU in a close game at Death Valley with the 2nd game of this scheduled series coming this year. 4-2 is nothing to sneeze at against SEC teams.

SEC BAD: Travel wouldn’t be the best… our nearest opponent would be Kentucky… it could take a while to adjust to the SEC as far as competition goes. Plus, some would say that WVU is “too yankee” for the SEC. Outside of Florida and Kentucky, what is there in basketball for the SEC? Football would be a step up for WVU, but basketball is another step down. Plus, some of WVU’s “northern” fans wouldn’t know how to react to good southern hospitality.

Yes, I get it… football pays the bills in College Sports. That’s an undeniable fact.

I think WVU needs to stay put for the short-term and watch what John Marinatto (Big East Commissioner) does, and if he continues to go at his snail-like pace at expansion… it’ll be time to look towards the ACC or the SEC. Of course, I’m sure Oliver Luck is already doing that.

Soon, I will be posting what conferences would look like with WVU in the ACC, as well as the SEC. Stay tuned.