Holgorsen names Recruiting Coordinator


Holgorsen has finally found a recruiting coordinator. This recruiting coordinator will be an office job, and won’t be on the football coaching staff.

When I saw it was Alex Hammond, I did what anyone else would do, Google them. Unfortunately, it was not the Alex Hammond that first comes up on Google Images.

Yeah, I’m disappointed, too…

But, WVU’s Alex Hammond has some awesome credentials:

Hammond brings credentials to Holgorsen’s program similar to that of receivers coach and Harvard graduate Daron Roberts.

Originally from Indianapolis, Hammond, 30, said Friday he earned an undergraduate degree from Texas and worked at the White House for two years and the State Department for one year. He predominately worked on a global aids relief program and spent significant time in Africa and East Asia.

Hammond then attended Northwestern University in Chicago and, briefly, worked for a law firm.

“I knew, though, my passion was in intercollegiate athletics,” Hammond said.

So he landed a job with the NCAA, with which he spent the past two years as an associate director for amateurism certification.

“My NCAA background and knowledge of the gauntlet of bylaws will help Coach Holgorsen,” Hammond said. “We want to be in compliance. Also, I saw game day operations at other schools and the use of social media.

“In today’s college football world you have to know the rules. I’m at the front end of what others are doing and what we can be doing.”

This guy worked for the freakin’ White House! First, we poach a guy that got his paper from Harvard and worked in the NFL, now we get a guy that worked for the government and the NCAA!

So, when will Dana Holgorsen hire a rocket scientist to draw up plays?