Reason #44280053 to hate Pitt


So, it looks like a Pitt player thought it’d be cute to speak about the recent Coaching transition at WVU…

From a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette…

"“I don’t like West Virginia at all, so I wasn’t sorry to see that happen,” said defensive tackle Chas Alecxih. “But I don’t think we needed that to open up our chances of winning the Big East this year.”"

First off, we’re not sorry for the 35-10 whoopin’ that the Mountaineers gave to your stupid convict team last year at The Litterbox and we’re even less sorry for beating you 19-16 the day after Thanksgiving in 2009… and, we won’t be sorry at all when Holgs’ boys hang anywhere from 40-70 points on you… depending on what kind of mood Holgorsen is in that day.

Other gems from this article that come from Cheatin’ Todd Graham…

"“We’re working with them to educate, educate, educate as far as what the rules are, what the boundaries are, and make them understand that it is difficult and that they’re under a microscope, more so now than ever before,” Graham said. “Our deal is to set a high standard and stick to it.”Despite being well-versed in how to avoid NCAA violations by coaches, teammates and university compliance officials, players noted that the Ohio State fallout has left a lasting impression that goes far beyond any lecture or seminar.“Whenever something like that happens, it brings everything to reality because you always sit in seminars and you think that stuff never really happens and that it’s just for safety hazards,” said Panthers quarterback Tino Sunseri.“To see it actually happen goes to show you that everything you’re doing around the university is being watched and that you’re doing everything by the rules.”"

Looks like Cheatin’ Todd Graham and the Prod Rod Sloppy Seconds Band needs to “educate, educate, educate” Alecxih and the rest of that group of pinheads on what it’s like to lose, choke in big games, and have a small (yet very obnoxious) fan base. They also need to realize that they’ll never win a Big East Title as long as that group of cheating castoffs are in charge. Just remember this name, Pitt fans (well, all 13 of you): Tony Gibson.

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