RUMOR MILL: Football Coaching Staff in disarray


Good morning, Mountaineer Nation! You’ll probably wish you could go back to bed after reading the following article I’m piecing together with rumors, hearsay, and tweets.

Now, I must emphasize, this is a RUMOR COLUMN complete with hearsay and what I think. If anyone from the National Media wants to run with this, feel free to do so, but LABEL IT AS A RUMOR FROM A BLOGGER… not fact from a writer. Fortunately for me, I don’t have a mullet.

According to various tweets and hearsay, the WVU Football Coaching Staff is in disarray. From what I’ve been hearing, Casteel wants out of WVU.

Also, from what I’ve been hearing, Bill Stewart has been causing a lot of this tension as well because of his bruised ego.

Another piece of information I’m hearing is that the offensive coaching staff and the defensive coaching staff don’t even talk to each other.

My take: Wasn’t Coach Jeff Casteel the one who wanted this change from the get-go? Wasn’t he the one who went to Oliver Luck and told him he had an offer from Rich Rodriguez to coach in Michigan and he’d take it if something wasn’t done about the offensive side of the ball?

As far as I am concerned, Bill Stewart should have been fired (along with Jeff Mullen and Dave Johnson) after the Champs Sports Bowl… should have been allowed to start 100% fresh on offense, instead of 90% fresh. However, Oliver Luck must have known that Dana Holgorsen wasn’t ready to be a Head Coach yet (as we’ve witnessed by his casino escapades) and felt he needed a year to adjust to the WVU/WV Culture. Holgorsen’s going to need to take every bit of time during his 1 year as Offensive Coordinator to make the adjustment.

There are people out the gate that want Dana Holgorsen to fail… mainly, the die-hard Stew supporters and the good ole boys who don’t even like Oliver Luck to begin with. Those are the types that are happy with 8-4, 9-4 types of seasons with mediocre bowl games.

Those people need to get used to a new way of things being ran at the Puskar Center. Period. Out with the old, in with the new. As far as I am concerned, you can trade in your WVU gear for Marshall gear. You all are not real West Virginia University supporters and fans.

We at still fully back and support both Oliver Luck and Dana Holgorsen 100%, and I am now calling for Mr. Luck to FIRE BILL STEWART NOW!

But, since that’s not going to happen… the best solution for ALL OF US is to simply stop talking about all this coaching staff drama and get ready for the ride ahead this season!


Apparently, people with very low IQ’s read this site… which means they don’t know what “rumor” and “hearsay” means. I think I’m going to post the definitions of both words here.


noun \ˈrü-mər\

Definition of RUMOR


: talk or opinion widely disseminated with no discernible source


: a statement or report current without known authority for its truth


archaic : talk or report of a notable person or event


: a soft low indistinct sound : murmur

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Examples of RUMOR

  1. There are rumors that they are making a new film.
  2. She accused him of starting rumors about her.
  3. Ever since his sudden resignation, rumors have been flying.
  4. I heard a rumor that they broke up.
  5. “Did you hear that they broke up?” “That’s just a rumor.”
  6. The rumor turned out to be false.
  7. You can’t fire him solely based on rumor.
  8. Rumor has it that they broke up.

Origin of RUMOR

Middle English rumour, from Anglo-French, from Latin rumorclamor, gossip; akin to Old English rēon to lament, Sanskritrauti he roars

First Known Use: 14th century


noun \ˈhir-ˌsā\

Definition of HEARSAY


: rumor


: hearsay evidence

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Examples of HEARSAY

  1. You can’t judge them solely on the basis of hearsay.
  2. They’re supposedly getting married soon, but that’s justhearsay.

First Known Use of HEARSAY

circa 1532

Well, imagine that, the 2 words are related!