BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Traitor at the Puskar Center


I debated and deliberated for the last hour about whether or not I should post the following, given my Rumor Mill post from earlier today.

I’ve been DM’ing people on Twitter the latest info about what’s going on regarding the WVU Coaching Staff. And, after realizing that bloggers have freedoms that traditional writers do not have, I have decided to go ahead and post the following. I must warn you, this is not going to be pretty by any stretch of the imagination. So, grab a beer and hang on.

Anyone remember last week’s article that was put in the Huntington Herald-Dispatch by none other than Cheap Suit Chucky? Well, read our version of it, then come back here. [hailwv]

Turns out all of that stuff was leaked by none other than Karen Stewart, Bill’s wife.

Anyone remember the infamous “Karen in Morgantown” that called in to Statewide Sportsline back in December of 2010 and just bawled on the air over Bill Stewart’s days as WVU Football Head Coach being numbers? This makes sense.

Earlier this evening, I had heard it was Bill himself who leaked info to Landon. However, I am now hearing that it was Mrs. Stewart.

I’ve also been hearing from several folks that Mike Casazza, WVU sports beat writer at the Charleston Daily-Mail, will be posting an article in regards to what I’ve been discussing for the last hour with people.

There are also some rumblings that Jeff Casteel wants out. I don’t believe that one for a minute. Oliver Luck had to have taken care of Jeff Casteel during this transition… WVU is lucky to have the #1 underrated defensive genius in the country.

I decided that it was time to pull the trigger and release it to the world before anyone else does.

Earlier today, I called for Head Coach Bill Stewart to be fired. I still stand by that, more than ever. Oliver Luck has a lot of damage control to do, in my opinion.

Just like I’ve been reiterating, I still fully and completely back both Oliver Luck and Dana Holgorsen 100%.

Am I afraid of the backlash? No. Am I prepared for the backlash? Yes. I am not afraid of being wrong. It has happened before.

Goodnight, folks. I’m sure we’ll have more in the morning. The best thing for Mountaineer Nation to do right now is get some sleep, and lots of it.

MORNING UPDATE: I just want everyone to know I stand by what I heard. I also want everyone to know that these are simply rumors… and that there’s a damn good chance I could be wrong. But, I posted this simply because people want to know! Rumors or not, people want to know what’s going on. And, I WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES reveal my sources.

If I happen to be wrong on this, I will rectify the situation the best I can and that will (hopefully) be the end of it.

I had no idea this would blow up as big as it has last night. But, this is going to be filed under people want to know. Have a good day, everyone.

Final note: Any negative and derogatory comments will be deleted and your IP address will be banned from commenting on this site any further.

UPDATE2, 11am

Both The Smoking Musket & The Charleston Daily Mail have article published regarding a leak.