The WVU Board of Governors met today in Charleston to vote on beer sales at Mountaineer Field.

It passed by an 8-5 margin.

We will have more on this story as the day progresses, and if I don’t pass out while celebrating… or break a leg somehow.

UPDATE: Margin is 10-5. A whole lotta confusion goin’ on in Charleston, but what’s it matter? BEER CAN NOW BE SOLD AT MOUNTAINEER FIELD!!!

After the jump are the stipulations regarding beer sales, as well as a statement by Oliver Luck.

Beer sales stipulations:

  • Beer sales will end in the middle of the third quarter.
  • A patron is allowed a maximum of two beers per purchase.
  • No beer sales in the student section. Mandatory ID checks. And beer will be sold in plastic bottles.
  • No halftime pass-outs for stadium re-entry.

Now, a statement from Oliver Luck, Director of WVU Athletics and all-around genius.

"I am pleased that our Board of Governors approved the new policy allowing for controlled sale of beer at Milan Puskar Stadium.By changing the re-entry procedure and smoking areas at the stadium, along with today’s change in policy, I believe we have taken a step forward toward our goal of a safer, friendlier and more civil game day experience.We can now follow the path of many of our Big East colleagues and control the sale of beer in our stadium. We have much planning to do with our public safety officials and event staff, but we will be ready to implement our plan for the 2011 football season."

So, crack one open and celebrate, Mountaineer Fans! This one’s for you!

2:36pm UPDATE

I’m gunna do a little namedroppin’ here… on who voted FOR the amendment, and who voted AGAINST the amendment!


Ellen Cappellanti
Tom Clark
Tom Flaherty
William Nutting
Incoming Chairman Drew Payne
James Rogers
Jo Morrow
Faculty representatives Nigel Clark and Robert Griffith.
Current chair Carolyn Long said she would have voted for it.


James Dailey
Diane Lewis
Ed Robinson
Will Wilmoth
Student representative Chris Lewallen (aka Student Body President.)