Beer vote today!


Today, the WVU Board of Governors will be meeting in Charleston to vote on certain items on their agenda, including beer sales at Mountaineer Field. encourages all BOG members to vote YES on the beer sales proposal. We support beer sales at Mountaineer Field because:

1) They will rake in much-needed revenue for the Athletic Department.

2) It could hopefully keep all the anti-success old people that sit on their hands all game away from Mountaineer Field, allowing real fans to purchase season and single game tickets.

3) It will hopefully keep the opposing team’s fans away from Mountaineer Field (especially Pitt’s), freeing up even more tickets for Mountaineer fans.

4) Who doesn’t want a beer during the game?

5) It’ll ban halftime passouts. Once you leave the stadium, you should NOT be allowed back in under any circumstances for the rest of the game.

After the jump is a link to the agenda, as well as the list of Governors. We will be keeping track of how they vote. All the links are from the WVU Board of Governors Website.

If you can, encourage them to vote YES!


Members of the Board