WVU fires back at Landon


Well, not directly.

Before I get to that, let me say this… former WVU Football beat writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Colin Dunlap has reportedly invited Chuck Landon to be on his radio program with 93.7 The Fan out of Pittsburgh. Dunlap says (via his Twitter account) that he e-mailed Cheap Suit Chucky twice, as well as called Cheap Suit Chucky on his cell phone. Did Landon respond to those invites? Nope. In fact, Landon goes on to say Dunlap said stuff about him on Twitter and favorited Dunlap’s tweet about inviting Landon to the program.

Looks like Chucky is lying. As usual. After the jump, Dunlap’s friend Mike Casazza of the Charleston Daily-Mail has “annulled fact and fiction.”

WVU refutes reports on Holgorsen, claims there are ‘blatant inaccuracies’

I’m going to select certain bits and pieces of this article that I believe need to be highlighted… if you wanna read the whole article, click the link above.

"MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After looking into its options, West Virginia University will take no action to refute allegations raised against the football program, athletic department and administration in separate columns published by two state newspapers over the weekend.he Herald-Dispatch cited “multiple sources with knowledge of the situation” stating the football team’s offensive coordinator and coach-in-waiting Dana Holgorsen had been connected to “at least three and, perhaps, as many as six alcohol-related incidents in the last six months.”The Herald-Dispatch report actually implicates Holgorsen in eight incidents, dating as far back as one in Huntington in 2008, when Holgorsen was working at the University of Houston. It makes two other accusations athletic department and administration officials contest and considered combating.The column alleges Holgorsen was asked to leave a bar in Huntington after a game October 2008.A former colleague of Holgorsen’s at the University of Houston said Holgorsen chartered back to campus that night and did not stay in Huntington.The only Houston official to remain in Huntington following that game was an athletic trainer attending to Cougars’ wide receiver Patrick Edwards, who broke his leg during the game."

Note: Edwards broke his leg because of a poorly-parked equipment cart. Negligence on Marshall’s end.

"Sources in the column said WVU President James Clements ordered Athletic Director Oliver Luck back from the Big East Conference meetings in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., Wednesday.WVU sources told the Daily Mail Luck had previously planned to be back in town for the rifle team’s annual fundraiser at the Mylan Park Community Center that evening. A plane ticket was purchased weeks in advance.The column also cited a source that said Clements told Luck “that if he read one more article about the coach-in-waiting, it would cost Luck his job.”One WVU representative close to Luck and Clements called that an “outright lie.”An administration official concurred and said it was “not Clements’ style.”"

So, it pretty much appears that Cheap Suit Chucky is nothing but a liar and a rumormonger.

Honestly, the Huntington Herald-Dispatch ought to be ashamed for allowing Landon to post these kind of pieces, more suited for blogs and message boards, in a newspaper column.

Coming soon, FireChuckLandon.com.