Dana Holgorsen inspires #BigEastCasino hashtag


So, yes, Coach Dana Holgorsen (Holgoritaville district of Morgantown, WV) was booted from the Mardi Gras Casino in Cross Lanes, WV. Big whoop. Think next time, Coach Holgs.

Anyway, some gems from the Twitter hashtag #BigEast Casino…

SmokingMusket I think I got crabs last night at the #BigEastCasino.

Chris_Gates Pat Mcafee gets drunk and goes swimming every night at the #BigEastCasino

cease311 at the #bigeastcasino Pitt always buys-in to the biggest tourneys, but never makes the final table

bnarotsky @KembaWalker just bluffed @Mr_Perfect52 real bad at the #BigEastCasino

epark88 The #BigEastCasino is still on the plus side: just had a bad year, that’s all. But they’re cooking the books over at the#ACCCasino.

SmokingMusket Rita Rodriguez fell asleep in the tanning bed at the #BigEastCasino spa three years ago.

KegsnEggs At the #BigEastCasino, the sports book only allows you to be the “under.”

SBNVoodooFive Skip Holtz wonders why Jim Leavitt had such a hard time winning at the #BigEastCasino

SmokingMusket Villanova won’t shut up about turning 21 and finally getting their chance at the #BigEastCasino.

KoryKeys Karen Sypher is a cocktail waitress at the#BigEastCasino

and, finally, my personal favorite…

ImTheSportsDude Bill Stewart yells “Yahtzee” on every craps table roll at #BigEastCasino.