Pitt Backup QB Suspended


Yep, on a day when news about Coach Holgorsen seems to dominate the Big East world, word comes out of Pittsburgh that their backup QB Anthony Gonzalez was suspended due to marijuana possession.

Gonzalez was arrested Friday in his hometown of Bethlehem on a charge of marijuana possession, Bethlehem police said. Gonzalez, a redshirt freshman, was suspended indefinitely Tuesday night by Pitt coach Todd Graham for undisclosed violation of team rules.

Bethlehem police said Gonzalez and two other men, all 19, were arrested at 12:46 a.m. Friday. Jarrod West, a wide receiver on the Syracuse football team, will be cited for underage drinking and Jamyl Aminu also was arrested on marijuana possession.

So, now, we have a Pitt Backup QB and a Syracuse WR getting arrested in one incident! Wow, and people want to pile on Holgorsen for getting drunk and being asked to leave a casino. I mean, honestly, who hasn’t gotten a little drunk and been asked to leave the premises?

I thought for sure that Todd Graham was going to instill discipline on the team, have the guys saying, “Yes, sir” and “No, sir”, have them flying right and all that? Apparently, not. Remember, folks, this is a rehash of Rich Rodriguez’s staff, just with a different leader. When RichRod was running the ship at WVU, there were some times when team discipline was lacking.

But, in the end, I do not feel sorry for Pitt because they got the “Rich Rodriguez Spread Offense Staff” sloppy seconds.