BREAKING: Kevin Jones declares for NBA Draft


That seems to be the case, according to and the Lower Hudson Journal News

"West Virginia junior forward Kevin Jones has declared for the NBA Draft according to Jones’ older brother and adviser, Gerard Jones.The Lower Hudson Journal News reports that Jones has not hired an agent and has until May 8 to withdraw from the Draft in order to maintain NCAA eligibility.“A lot of scouts are really high on him if he does come out this year,” Gerald Jones told the Journal News."

The fact that he didn’t hire an agent is very important. The second he hires an agent, kiss him goodbye, Mountaineer Fans. However, I’ve also been informed that he can work out with teams, get feedback, and whatnot, but by the time May 8 rolls around… he has to decide– draft or school, regardless of whether he hires an agent or not.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this throughout the day.