Who is Brady Ackerman?


That’s what a lot of people have been asking themselves, and each other, over the past few months.

Brady Ackerman first become acquainted with Dana Holgorsen when they were both on the coaching staff at Valdosta State University, and became friends. Ackerman played at the University of Florida, and has recently been running his own media operation in Ocala, FL.

He was brought in to WVU to become a consultant, although there was more on the horizon for him.

What I am about to post comes to me from several sources. I am not copying any of this from any website, news report, nothing. I am going strictly based off of text messages, e-mails, etc. So, buckle up, and here we go…

He was brought on at the beginning of 2011 to help with the football team– bringing some “fresh eyes” in to oversee the program. His hiring was reported by a couple of websites, including Mike Casazza of the Charleston Daily Mail. However, then, I knew something was amiss with this hiring… something didn’t seem right. But, if this meant a new era in Mountaineer Football, then so be it.

Fast forward to the Big East Basketball tournament… well, after the tournament, and Ackerman was hustled out of town faster than one of Charlie Sheen’s one-nighters. Questions suddenly popped up about his departure.

Consulting some friends (who subsequently became some sources), Ackerman was in it for the long haul, given a WVU-paid for cell phone WITH a WV number. I heard he also bought winter clothes to survive the harsh winters in Morgantown. He was even participating in WVU alumni events. Supposedly, he was going to be the new Director of Football Operations. But, Mike Kerin is still running the show at the Puskar Center.

He also participated in a birthday party for WVU President Jim Clements in NYC during the BE Tournament. He went with Holgorsen to rub elbows with some of the legal kind that are affiliated and associated with WVU.

That’s when the sh*t hit the fan, kids. Ackerman, not aware of his surroundings, thought it would be wise to trash Bill Stewart and the WVU Football program. Big mistake, buddy.

Turns out Ackerman was trashing Coach Stewart, the WVU football program, and the lawyer who represented Stewart in the contract renegotiations, as well as some other well-connected folks. Then, word got back to President Clements, who subsequently told Oliver Luck what happened. Then, I’m sure you can guess what happened next…

Yep, Ackerman was shown the exit to the Puskar Center. And, probably told to never come back.

So, instead of rubbing elbows, telling lame jokes, shaking hands and swapping business cards, he decided to insult some people.

Listen, we’ve grilled Bill Stewart a time or two here over his coaching style and press conferences. We can do that, we’re in the WVU family, and have been for a long-ass time. Hackerman, though, was not. He was still in his 60-day Probationary Period at WVU when he decided to run his trap.

After being let go, questions popped up. AD Oliver Luck finally admitted that the WVU Athletic Department did not run a background check on Ackerman, and had they ran the check, he probably wouldn’t have been hired to begin with.

To me, this just seemed like a “Please hire my buddy I once worked with” type of deal that Luck was willing to do to appease Holgorsen. But, turns out it was meant to be kept under the radar. In the end, however, it didn’t work out. Another question I have is this: Who paid for Ackerman’s trip? WVU, or Ackerman?

Final parting shot, I hope Ackerman’s wife doesn’t find out some of the things he was trying to do while in Morgantown. Boom, roasted!