GQ lists “worst sports fans in America.”


…and, somehow, WVU is #3 on that list! Yeah, that shocked me as well.

NEW YORK – GQ magazine revealed this morning its list of “The Worst Sports Fans in America,” featuring the bottle-throwers, couch-torchers, and projectile vomiters marring our national landscape. Dubbed “The Meanest Fans in America,” Philadelphia leads the list, claiming the top two spots.

From rioting (Montreal Canadiens) and vicious taunting (Penn State University Football) to insufferable arrogance (Boston Red Sox) and physical assaults (Oakland Raiders)GQ explains why, if visiting any of these cities, you’re better off watching the game from your hotel room.

1: Philadelphia Phillies
2: Philadelphia Eagles
3: West Virginia University Mountaineers
4: Oakland Raiders
5: University of Maryland Basketball
6: Boston Red Sox
7: Penn State University Football
8: Duke University Basketball
9: New York Yankees
10: Louisiana State University Football
11: Montreal Canadians
12: Dallas Cowboys
13: University of Wisconsin Football
14: University of Oregon Basketball
15: Los Angeles Lakers

To read more on why these bleacher creatures made the cut, go to or pick up a copy of the April GQ on newsstands everywhere March 22.

Actually, don’t pick up a copy. Save your money. After the jump is what they have to say about our beloved Mountaineer Faithful, and my commentary.

"3. West Virginia University MountaineersMad ArsonistsYeah, sure, they’ve been condemned by the local mayor for shouting obscenities on national television broadcasts. And yes, given their history, it wasn’t really surprising last season when Pitt’s assistant basketball coach got pegged in the face with a metallic object (specifically, a quarter). But what really defines the West Virginia University faithful is their devotion to celebratory arson. The school led the nation in intentionally set street fires from 1997 to 2003, lighting up an unmatchable 1,120 blazes. That includes 120 in a single night to celebrate a football win over Virginia Tech in 2003 and sixty infernos set to celebrate advancing to the second round of the NCAA basketball tournament in 2005. When school is in session these days, the local fire department reports that it extinguishes as many as twelve Dumpster fires in a week. It’s all in keeping with the school’s (real) unofficial fan motto: Win or lose, we still booze!"

Wow, where do I even begin? OK, the list.

How in the hell are we placed ahead two of the WORST fanbases in all of America: the NY Yankees and the Boston Red Sox? Yes, I am being biased, but WVU fans are PASSIONATE! Yanks and BoSox fans are FAIRWEATHER DOUCHEBAGS! Seriously, who the hell conducted this list, and how was the research done?

I’m sorry, but there’s not even a comparison. Now, onto the actual passage from this “article.”

First off, we STILL DON’T KNOW who hit Tom Herrion with a quarter… from most reports, it came from the Pitt fans section. Also, it’s not the local mayor’s prerogative to condemn the students… he has a pothole-filled city to worry about! Plus, the fire issue is pretty much under control (for the most part, although I’m sure someone lights one up somewhere after a big win.)

This list is dumb. Seriously. I’m through ranting, it’s time to get ready for the game.