sPitt sPreview


Editor’s note: First off, I will apologize on behalf of me and the entire staff for the lack of posting lately. Personally, I’ve been under the weather and just haven’t found motivation to post until today. What a day to pick, huh?

Well, folks, it’s that time of schedule when we play sPitt again.

Last time we played those jerkoffs, they beat us 71-66 in Morgantown (I was at that game) without their leading scorer, ASShton Gibbs. Now, Gibbs is back.

It’s also hard to win at the Petersen Events Center. Of course, I would rather stub my both of my little toes about 100 times in a row than make the trip up to that hole of a town known as Oakland, PA. If you’re one of those people who say, “I have good friends at Pitt” or “I’m dating someone from Pitt” THEN DIE! Thanks for your attempt to water-down the rivalry, jerkoffs!

Anyway, after the jump is a game preview, as well as a bunch of hate to throw around.

Pittsburgh used their advantage on the boards to create more shots with a total of 18 offensive rebounds to only 8 from West Virginia. West Virginia sent Pittsburgh to the line more often, with 22 fouls to 18 by Pittsburgh.

Deniz Kilicli was a bright spot against the Panthers with 19 points (killing it with his infamous hook shot) on 69% shooting in 26 minutes. Truck Bryant added a game-high 4 assists.

Anyway, I really hate everything about Pittsburgh… is there honestly anything good that comes from Pitt? Don’t give me the Mark Cuban argument, his Mavericks choke every year in the NBA Playoffs.

Seriously, look at this guy, he has the look of a Neanderthal.

Plus, his show, The Benefactor tanked BIG TIME… just like Pitt’s Final 4 hopes do every year.

Plus, the girls at Pitt are SO UGLY! I mean, look at this pic for example…

When I first saw this pic, I had a very similar reaction to what Peter, Chris, Stewie and Brian had in this video…

We are also not to be held responsible for any negative reactions you may have to viewing that photo.

Then again, I found out all the Pitt dudes kinda look like Mark Cuban-

Yeah, they looked like they were scraped out of the Oakland ghetto and dressed up.

Seriously, nothing would make me happier than to see Pitt get knocked off of their high-horse this evening, and their route to the Big East Regular Season Title plus a #1 seed made just a bit harder.

Remember, the “Pete” is a hard place for teams to play… brutal environment full of mouth-breathers… I think the combined IQ of everyone in there is 50 or something… you got a group of thugs on the court, including that Gary McGhee douche.