Chiefs talking to Noel Devine and Jock Sanders


According to our friends over at MKRob Sports, the Kansas City Chiefs are currently interested in Noel Devine.

"The Kansas City Chiefs are at the Senior Bowl in Mobile just like the other 31 teams in the NFL checking out the top seniors in college football this season and what I found interesting is that they were seen talking to West Virginia running back Noel Devine.Devine, was one of the most sought after high school running backs in the class of 2007 but has not lived up to expectations at the college level.At 5’7″ 160 pounds, Devine is the smallest running back in the NFL Draft but is extremely quick and has great vision. The intriguing thing about the Chiefs talking to him is the fact that they drafted a similar player last year in the second round by the name of Dexter McCluster."

And, while we’re at it, they’re also talking to WR Jock Sanders.

"The Chiefs were also seen talking to Devine’s teammate, Jock Sanders, who’s probably the smallest wide receiver in the draft standing 5’7″ 180 pounds. Sanders is a similar player and it seems that Chiefs may be looking to fill a return role with Sanders."

While the Broncos fan in me would completely die if one or both of these guys would go to a rival team in the AFC West, the Mountaineer in me would (obviously) be ecstatic if both of these guys went in the draft, and even more on the same team.

Hopefully, both Devine and Sanders will kick some major ass in today’s Senior Bowl (along with Chris Neild). At this writing, it is on NOW on the NFL Network (another network I don’t get because Comcast’s packages are expensive.)