Champs Sports Bowl Preview


It’s time for this blog’s first ever BOWL GAME BASH! Otherwise known as the Champs Sports Bowl Preview.

I was honestly going to go to this game… had my tickets bought and in-hand, as well as my hotel room booked. But, a couple of weeks ago, I just changed my mind. Why?

Let’s just say I wasn’t ready for the logistical nightmares that would have came with this trip had plans gone all the way. I am watching the game in HD. Without further adieu is the Bowl Game Preview!


Phil Rivers played his college football at NC State. Right away, that’s strike 1 against them. Strike 2, Phil Rivers plays for the San Diego Chargers… a team in the same division as my beloved Denver Broncos. Finally, Strike 3… they play WVU in the bowl game. One of our staffers, Josh King, made this graphic for me.

Anyway, NC State is 8-4 overall, finished tied for 2nd in the ACC Atlantic Division, and tied for 3rd overall in the ACC. NC State’s dual-threat quarterback, Russell Wilson, is very talented. He’s also a multi-sport athlete, playing both football and baseball for the Wolfpack. Very impressive. WVU could have had their own multi-sport athlete named Pat White, but the baseball coach Greg Van Zant is pretty much a racist jerk and didn’t want White on the team. Anyway, most teams have tried to contain Wilson… but, I honestly don’t think he’s been up against a defense as stout as WVU’s. WVU’s defense has been up against 2 “dual-threat” QBs this year, South Florida’s BJ Daniels and Cincinnati’s Zach Collaros. Wilson threw for 3,288 yards and 26 touchdowns this season, the most yards thrown by an ACC quarterback this season.

WVU will be without starting center Joe Madsen for the bowl game due to academic ineligibility. Also lost due to poor academics is reserve nose tackle Josh Taylor and backup defensive back Eain Smith. Lost due to injury is Brandon Hogan.

I say in the end, this will be a close game, which comes down to a FG in the 4th quarter.

WVU- 24
NCST- 21

Now, let’s take a look at the other Big East Bowl games and rank them on a scale of 1-5 coonskin hats based on their watchability, as well as my prediction..

Louisville vs. Southern Miss University

This game already happened, and Louisville won 31-28.

South Florida vs. Clemson

This was a game I would have definitely gone to had WVU went to this bowl for many reasons: Charlotte’s an easy trip, and it was on a weekend.

Honestly, it’s not going to be that exciting… but, USF pulls it out in the end.

Kansas State vs. Syracuse

Syracuse gets an 8th “home” game, so-to-speak… and, I think this is where they finally break their funk in NY.

Connecticut vs. Oklahoma

This is the definition of “ugly.” I hate to say it, but UConn’s going to get demolished.

Only because I don’t do “negative” coonskin hats.

BBVA Compass Bowl
Pitt vs. Kentucky

Pitt will prove two things: Their program is a mess and they can’t do anything right. Kentucky will beat ’em.

Enjoy the bowl games, and