Editorial: Bill Stewart, Dana Holgorsen, and Josh McDaniels


Well, this has certainly been an interesting week in football for me.

Last Monday, Josh McDaniels was shown the door from Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen. Those that know me know I’m a long-time Denver Broncos fan. Then, the past few days, the rumors of Oklahoma State Offensive Coordinator Dana Holgorsen was coming to WVU to be the “Coach in Waiting” under Incumbent Head Coach Bill Stewart. Stewart is said to be very much against this idea. After the jump, I’m going to give how I feel about the current WVU Head Coaching situation, the Denver Broncos situation, and my feelings on Bill Stewart.

So, when I heard the name “Dana Holgorsen” being connected to the job here at WVU, I have to admit, I got excited like “Tommy Boy” when he gets a sale, only for it to fall apart. This guy worked under the wacky (yet very smart) Mike Leach at Texas Tech before going to the University of Houston and later, Oklahoma State.

This guy has created some very high-octane offenses everywhere he has went.

He was also rumored to be the leading guy for the Pitt Head Coaching job. That’s when I honestly believe Oliver Luck stepped in and knew what had to be done… he knew he had to start preparing for the future sooner rather than later. Plus, the fact that MANY WVU fans were getting restless each and every week? (Don’t believe me? Look at some of the polls I’ve ran regarding Stew’s approval rating.)

If people would actually do their research and history, they’ll find that Holgorsen and Luck have a history dating back to their days in Houston, when Luck was CEO of the Houston Sports Authority and Holgorsen was Offensive Coordinator at the University of Houston.

Plus, with TCU coming in to the conference starting with the 2012 academic year, it’s important to have a coach with connections to the Texas/Oklahoma area. Our AD has connections to that area, so why not the coach? Luck is obviously taking a huge gamble with Holgersen… will it pay off? We won’t know until Year 3 of Holgersen being up here… 2nd year into his reign as Head Coach.

Now, Bill Stewart… he is a very polarizing figure here in Morgantown… although not as much as Rich Rodriguez.

Bill Stewart was the Interim Head Coach for the 2007-8 Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma… everyone and their brother thought Oklahoma was going to blast the Mountaineers… however, I held on to the faith. I knew there was too much talent on this team to just “lay down.” Most fans had zero faith.

48-28… absolutely killed the Sooners in that game! It was very emotional for Mountaineer Nation. Not going to go much into it, but here’s a video courtesy of “ZproductionZ“…

Shortly after that game; Bill Stewart, former WVU President Mike Garrison, and former WVU Athletic Director Ed Pastilong all met in a hotel to hash out a new contract… and Bill Stewart had “Interim” knocked off his job title. I was on board with the hiring because I felt it was best for the continuity of our program, and I’m always about giving people an initial chance.

The first season (2008) season, WVU wound up finishing 9-4 with a victory over North Carolina in the Meineke Car Care Bowl… Pat White’s last season… embarrassing losses to Colorado, East Carolina, as well as in-conference losses to Cincinnati and Pitt.

The second season (2009), finished 9-3… beating Pitt at home, getting hosed at Cincinnati, losing to the barners at Auburn in a clusterf**k of a game because of all the rain… then came the Gator Bowl.

Me and several friends took a road trip to Jacksonville, and watched the team collapse and lay down to a 6-6 Florida State ACC team only because it was Bobby Bowden’s last game. Neutral site my ass… that was nothing more than a Free Shoes U game moved across the Florida panhandle. Let’s just say I was never happier to leave a vacation like I was Jacksonville. At that point, I jumped off the sinking Stew ship. You could just tell by his body language that he did not want to lose to the legend.

This season… currently, the football team stands at 9-3 and have earned a trip to the Champs Sports Bowl to face an ACC team, NC State… yes, the same NC State that once housed the current San Diego Chargers QB (and mouthy prick) Phil Rivers. The LSU loss, I could stomach… they’ve greatly improved since that game and have earned a trip to the Cotton Bowl vs. Texas A&M. However, it was the losses to Syracuse (at home, on Homecoming weekend) and to UConn (on the road, for the first time EVER) is what pretty much got me saying (loudly) that “Stew’s gotta go!” It was nice to see the team absolutely humiliate Pitt at Heinz Field, and even throwing in “EAT SHIT PITT!” during the break between the 3rd & 4th quarters when those idiots play “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond (I believe the Boston Red Sox may have something to say about that.)

Currently, we are at a crossroads. Every media outlet within a 100 mile range has reported that Dana Holgorsen is the Coach In Waiting, and that Stewart is pretty much out the door after the 2011 season.

Having laid out my case against Stew, something about this stinks a bit. Is Coach Stew really being forced out the door by Oliver Luck? Is he really being forced out like last night’s “one night stand?”


He’s known about this for a long while. That’s how College Athletics works. Back-room deals are done ALL THE TIME! Some people are very naive about how college sports works, especially (as of late) the Stew-clingers. I mean, they literally have their head in the sand (or up their asses) and think Stew is the best coach this school has ever had. In the Win/Loss department, yes. However, there’s way more to the story. It’s those losses (08- Colorado, ECU, Pitt; 09- Auburn, South Florida, Florida State; 10- UConn, Syracuse) that tell the bigger story. It’s Stewart’s refusal to hang points on the opposition (sans UNLV) out of “respecting the opponent.” I don’t know about you, but I’m the “GO FOR THE JUGULAR!” type of guy. WVU Football obviously needs to look towards the future… and, having Bill Stewart as Don Nehlen-lite obviously isn’t what Oliver Luck wants.

But, my only plea to Oliver Luck, please treat Coach Stewart with respect. He was there for the team in its darkest hour (Fiesta Bowl) and motivated those guys when they really needed it. Please don’t throw him out like Charlie Harper does to his one-night stands on “Two and a Half Men.” Both you and future Coach Holgorsen need to treat him with the respect he deserves.

Why did I insert Josh McDaniels into this entry? Simple, I’m a Broncos fan and am happy this insufferable prick is no longer coaching my favorite NFL team. Hopefully, team owner Pat Bowlen will bring in John Elway in an executive position and make the right calls on players and coaches. A little bit of advice to Mr. Elway (who is also my favorite all-time QB): Do NOT bring in Gary Kubiak or Dave Wannstedt to coach.

Also, I inserted McDaniels in this entry to remind my fellow football fans that dreams do indeed come true.