Rutgers Preview/Big East Week 14 Jamboroo


Well, for the last week of the regular season in the Big East, I figure I’d change it up a bit and do it similar to the Deadspin Thursday Afternoon NFL Dick Joke Jamboroo. Unfortunately, Hollywood Producer Robert Evans was unavailable to give his commentary on who he likes for Big East MVP.

After the jump, I’m going to take about the opponent tomorrow, Rutgers… as well as the state they reside in, some notorious NJ residents, as well as covering the other 2 Big East games on tap tomorrow (complete with rating!) Buckle up, here we go…

I remember long ago when Rutgers used to be the Big East’s doormat. Hell, even in Crybaby Rich Rod’s first year here (went 3-8), they absolutely dome-rocked the Scarlet Knights by a score of 80-7. Sure, Rutgers had a few good years where they went to a few butt bowls… yes, Rutgers may have produced one of the NFL’s better running backs and Fantasy Football keeper Ray Rice… but, what else have they done in College Football?

“Rutgers: The Birthplace of College Football.”

Really? Yikes…

I do remember that 3OT game vs. Rutgers in 2006… it was really cold outside, and I had consumed some slightly undercooked Little Caesar’s Pizza… yeah, I was running back to my apartment after that game.

Rutgers currently sits at 4-7 overall, and 1-5 in the Big East. Apparently, they do this kind of crap in New Jersey…

Also, the #1 source for pollution in New Jersey, hairspray. Finally, Rutgers will be unveiling their mascot for next year…

THE SNOOKI!!! Be careful if any Rutgers fans “want smush-smush.” Just the thought of that makes me nauseous.

Meanwhile, the Mountaineers are riding high at 8-3 overall, 4-2 in the Big East, and an AP ranking of 24th. If WVU wins and UConn loses, WVU gets the BCS bid, which is most likely to be the Orange Bowl if Virginia Tech (jerks) win the ACC Championship. If WVU and UConn win, UConn gets the BCS bid, which could either be the Orange Bowl or Fiesta Bowl. If WVU and UConn somehow tank, and Pitt wins, they’ll get the BCS bid and most likely get stomped in the Fiesta Bowl by Oklahoma or Nebraska.

Plus, AOL Fanhouse has reported today that if WVU doesn’t go to the BCS, it’ll head to the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando. Here’s the breakdown… [AOL]

"Because of Notre Dame’s tie-in with the Big East’s bowl lineup, the Irish’s postseason destination will largely be determined by the UConn-USF game. While a UConn win sends Notre Dame to the Sun Bowl on Dec. 31, a USF victory sends the Irish to the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando on Dec. 28. The Irish’s opponent likely would be N.C. State or Maryland.UConn can win the Big East’s automatic BCS bid – and a berth in the Fiesta bowl – by defeating USF. A USF win would give West Virginia, as long as it beats Rutgers, the league’s BCS berth.On Thursday, FanHouse reported Syracuse had accepted a bid to the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in New York. On Friday, the bowl announced Syracuse’s opponent would be Kansas State.Here is how the bowl lineup will look based on the UConn-USF game.UConn defeats USFFiesta – UConn vs. Big 12 championChamps – West Virginia vs. N.C. StateMeineke – Pittsburgh vs. ACC teamPinstripe – *Syracuse vs. *Kansas StateBBVA Compass – South Florida vs. SEC teamBeef “O” Brady’s St. Petersburg – Louisville vs. *Southern MissHyundai Sun – Notre Dame vs. MiamiUSF defeats UConnOrange – West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech/Florida StateChamps – Notre Dame vs. N.C. State/MarylandMeineke – UConn vs. ACC teamPinstripe – *Syracuse vs. *Kansas StateBBVA Compass – Pittsburgh vs. SEC teamBeef “O” Brady’s St. Petersburg – Louisville vs. *Southern MissHyundai Sun – South Florida vs. Boston College"

So, there’s a damn good chance I’ll be in Florida at the end of the year… however, Sunday determines my vacation plans. However, these are just projections I posted by AOL Fanhouse, and they could be dead wrong altogether on some of these. Respect, though, went up for Fanhouse when they dumped woman-beater and all around douchebag Jay Mariotti from their staff.

Time to rate Saturday’s game… it’s going to be really freakin’ cold at Mountaineer Field… I’ll be there, you?

WVU- 24
RU- 9

I rate this 3 out of 5 coonskin caps simply because Rutgers should be token opposition. Now onto the other games…


This game was marquee last year… now, it’s nothing more than both teams playing for pride. Pitt is 6-5 overall, 4-2 in the Big East; while Cincinnati is 4-7 overall, 2-4 in the Big East. Pitt doesn’t have high hopes for going to a decent bowl due to their lackadaisical fanbase not wanting to travel.

Pitt- 27
Cincy- 21

This game only gets 1/5 coonskin hats because it’s on at noon on ESPN… nobody will be watching. Who’d honestly want to watch that Butt Bowl?

The Marquee matchup is, obviously…


8pm, ESPN2. This game determines a lot… not only the Bowl Picture for the Big East, but the Big East Championship itself.

I’m sticking by my pick of UConn over USF even though I’m pulling for the Bulls. I’m hoping this bit of reverse psychology works.

UConn- 24
USF- 21

This game gets 4/5 Coonskin Caps. It doesn’t get 5/5 because the idea of “sharing” a conference title is the most asinine thing ever. There should only be one outright winner for each conference, regardless of “Conference Championship Game” or not.

Enjoy the games, and Let’s Go Mountaineers!!!