Backyard Brawl Preview



Let’s face it, I absolutely HATE Pitt and everything they stand for…

I hate their fight song, I hate Heinz Field, I hate the Petersen Events Center, I hate the Oakland Zoo, I hate “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond (sPitt plays that at football games in between the 3rd & 4th quarter to “rally”), I hate the Panthers, I hate their rude & obnoxious fans, I hate Oakland, PA… hell, let’s just finish it, I hate Pittsburgh, PA… the only use that city has to me is the airport and that’s to get the hell out of there, I hate the Cathedral of Learning, and I also hate the girl from Pitt I used to date (to some of us, the Backyard Brawl is personal.) I hate Shady McCoy for what he did 3 years ago in Morgantown to us, I hate Dan Marino, I hate Mark May, I hate Darrelle Revis, I hate Mark Cuban, just absolutely hate everything about Pitt. The people I just listed are all Pitt alums.

If you’re a Pitt fan and you try to start shit with me, I will punch you in the face and not stop beating on you and stomping on you until people have to physically separate us. Bring up 13-9 with me, and you’ll be heading to the ER in no time.

As you can tell, there’s a lot of Pitt hate in me. Despite my parent’s best efforts to raise me to not hate anything, I absolutely hate Pitt… however, I think they’ll let this one slide. After the jump is the preview…

Friday is the 103rd Edition of the Backyard Brawl. The top spot in the Big East, as well as the conference’s automatic BCS bid (most likely the Fiesta Bowl) is on the line. However, don’t forget that UConn is also in the running.

Pitt is 4-1 in Big East play, 6-4 overall. WVU is 3-2 in Big East play, and 7-3 overall. Neither team is ranked.

After starting out 3-3, Pitt has pretty much been like Dave Wannstedt’s Camaro on cruise control through the conference (defeating Syracuse, Rutgers and Notre Dame) with the exception of dropping a 30-28 decision to UConn. Pitt controls their own destiny in the Big East… if they simply defeat the Mountaineers somehow, someway tomorrow (complete with pigs flying), they could clinch the title with a win and a UConn loss to Cincinnati (fat chance of that happening.) Graham is averaging a team-high 804 rushing yards and a per-play average of 6.7 yards. WVU defense will step it up big time. So, it looks like Pitt won’t be clinching the Big East title on Friday.

Look for Pitt to utilize their 2 running backs Dion Lewis and Ray Graham tomorrow, since QB Tino Sunseri (who sucks) has yet to play a complete game of football. Also, look for WRs Mike Shanahan (35 rec., 481 yds. and who’s probably as much of an asshole as the current Washington Redskins coach who shares his name) Jon Baldwin (42 rec., 677 yds.) has NFL caliber speed and strength to try and get past anybody West Virginia throws at him. Don’t forget, Pitt has other receiving targets on the field with Devin Street (18 rec., 247 yds.) and Mike Cruz (13 rec., 146 yds.)

Look for Geno Smith to air it out with RB Noel Devine still being less than 100%, but, Shawne Alston is ready to step it up if Coach Stew calls him up… Geno will be airing it out to Jock Sanders, Stedman Bailey, Bradley Starks, Tavon Austin, and even Ivan McCartney.

If all cylinders on offense come together, and are in tune with the defense, WVU should win this one. However, if there’s even one problem tomorrow on the offense, it could be a long day at the Litterbox.

WVU- 17
Pitt- 14