Leave No Doubt Release – MAC money going elsewhere?


For Immediate Release

Skolny Responds to Mountaineer Athletic Club

Will Give Donation to Michigan Boosters

Entrepreneur and WVU alumni Vince Skolny says that he was surprised to see the Mountaineer Athletic Club (MAC) publicly and officially refuse a gift created by his e-commerce company, Leave No Doubt, which sells merchandise encouraging WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck to fire head coach Bill Stewart.

Skolny claims the refusal is exactly the sort of thinking his marketing seeks to overcome. “Ironically, refusing a donation that obviously reflects the sentiment of a significant portion of the fan base, including at least one heavy hitting donor, is exactly the kind of thinking we’re trying to overcome,” Skolny said. “I wonder how big the donation would have to become before Niles would change his mind or what the MAC’s position would be if someone created pro-Bill Stewart shirts,” Skolny said.

Skolny also noticed a common thread between the MAC’s position and the critical email his company receives. “A lot of the negative mail says, ‘Well, I’m not happy about the coach, either, but what you’re doing is just wrong,’ but nobody’s told me why, including Niles Eggleston.” Skolny said. “Supposing there is a coaching change, it’s hard to see how taking my donation could be a ‘public relations dilemma’ for the MAC. And if there’s not, would it be better if I refused to support the school? There’s no consistency in their position, only sentiment.” Skolny said.

Skolny still plans to make the donation, but with a twist. “When the project has run its course, I’m going to walk into the MAC office with a check and a smile on my face. If they refuse the donation, I’m going to give the donation to the Michigan Victors Club,” he said. “I like the sense of irony.”

Background: Skolny’s company has been covered widely in the West Virginia media, linked ESPN’s Big East blog, and much debated on the internet. The Leave No Doubt website can be viewed at www.leavenodoubt.info.