A fan’s rant: Giving up on the team


So, it is Sunday morning, and I’m usually sitting here around this time agonizing over my 4-3 Fantasy Football team lineup. I must say, I never thought I’d trade Ray Rice and Matt Ryan for Kyle Orton and Jahvid Best because my #1 QB (Tony Romo) is out for the year. Did I hit the panic button too early and trade based on a knee-jerk reaction, or should I have kept Rice and Ryan and picked up John Kitna from the Free Agent pool? Well, my QBs are now Orton and Kitna, with Romo on IR in case he comes back for the fantasy football playoffs. We shall see today if I can come back to win my division, make the playoffs, and win my first league championship. I also wouldn’t have traded Ray Rice away if I didn’t have faith in Arian Foster the rest of the way.

Speaking of “hitting the panic button too early,” I feel that a lot of my fellow Mountaineer faithful are doing the same thing. Why? Now, keep in mind I’m on the “Bill Stewart needs to go, and take Jeff Mullen with him” boat, but, win or lose, I don’t give up on my team. I’ve already heard people say some of the following: (after the jump)

“I’m not going to anymore home games this season!”

“I’m not going to any games next season!”

“I’m not going to the bowl game!”

“I give up on the season!”


That last statement is how I comprehend Mountaineer fans giving up on their team.

You wanna give up on the team? Then, by all means, DO SO! That just means there are more tickets for the rest of us, not to mention hotel rooms for away and bowl games, as well as seats on flights to the big away games!

I am honestly so sick and damn tired of the “fairweather” portion of Mountaineer Nation ruining sh*t for the rest of us! I’ll gladly go to the Meineke Car Care Bowl or even the Birmingham Butt Bowl in your place! Unlike you fairweather jerks, I choose to support my team through thick-and-thin!

However, at the same time, I feel your pain. My NFL team, the Denver Broncos, has a rather awful coach… I almost changed teams because of him, but I refused to do so. Now, I’m just hoping brighter days are ahead of the Broncos once Pat Bowlen (team owner) wakes up and fires that arrogant, cocky asshole. (I will give Josh McDaniels credit for exposing Jay Cutler and making Kyle Orton a legit QB, but that’s it.)

Back to WVU football, it seems that Bill Stewart has taken quite an arrogant approach to people questioning him. Colin Dunlap (not one of my favorites) actually asked Stew the following question after the UConn debacle:

"“You spoke all preseason about [getting touchdowns] instead of [field goals], you’re kicking a lot of field goals Bill, ultimately who’s accountable? Is it [offensive coordinator] Jeff Mullen, is it [running backs coach] Chris Beatty? Somebody, you would think needs to be accountable for not putting the ball in the end zone.”"

You wanna know what Coach Stew said to Dunlap?

"“No, do you have another way to phrase that question? Football team,” replied Stewart."

GUHHHH!!!! Honestly, Bill? Have you really gotten that out-of-touch with everyone where you’re now dodging questions from WVU beat writers who REGULARLY cover your team?

Recently, Oliver Luck (the new Athletic Director everyone’s excited about) told the Dominion Post when asked about Stew’s job…

"“We’re a little more than halfway through, so I will withhold,” Luck told The Dominion Post the week before the UConn game."

Not exactly confidence in the current coaching regime. Hell, even Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is standing firm with his head coach, Wade Philips… and Philips has been on the proverbial hot seat for several years!! Bowlen hasn’t exactly given a ringing endorsement to McDaniels either, especially after last Sunday’s drubbing from Oakland.

I’m just so sick and damn tired of hearing people whining about giving up on the Mountaineers, saying they’re going to look for another team… well, this is America, this is a free country, so root for whoever you want! I choose to stick with my home state’s flagship team! Just don’t come back around when WVU makes it back to the BCS, and, maybe even the BCS National Championship game!?

So, these next 4 games, the bowl game in December, and beyond, I will continue to proudly sport my Gold and Blue gear, and I will proudly continue to shout…