Fire Bill Stewart!


….or why not just let the guy retire.

Let me just be the first to say this, and I may catch a lot of shit for what I’m about to say, but damnit, I have to say it.

Bill Stewart is a good man, a good coach, and someone I respect immensely.

With that being said, our recent 13-16 loss to UConn, our 14-19 loss to Syracuse, and hell I’ll even throw the 14-20 loss to LSU in there, were huge embarrassments.

Were they all Bill Stewart’s fault? No. Is Bill Stewart at the point in his life, where he should be head coaching a Div. I FBS football program? Maybe not. Is Bill Stewart “Head Coach material”? Maybe, and maybe not.

Bill Stewart is a man that has gained the love and respect of his team, and most West Virginians after he stepped up to the plate and took charge during the 2008 Fiesta Bowl. He took charge, he did what had to be done. He instituted a “tough love” approach to disciplining his players, dismissing any members on the team, who were involved in illicit or unbecoming conduct on/and off the field. You could easily say, “a lot of coaches do that, that’s what coaches do.” But take a look at any FBS program and you’d be hard pressed to find a coach that will risk losing a few games just because one of their players got arrested outside of a bar, drunk, and pissing on the cop’s shoe.

A lot of people make fun of Bill Stewart because of his “hilbilly” nature. Here’s my advice to you: If you don’t like “hillbillies”, get the hell out of West Virginia. Now. We’d love you to go, and while you’re at it, become a fan of some other team. We don’t (or at least I) want you as a fan, or as someone who lives in this state.

Like I said, I may get a lot of shit for this – but who cares. I like Bill Stewart. Enough to still want him to be our head coach? No. But when you see shit like this:

Here are some gems from this moron, who can’t seem to locate the Caps Lock button on his keyboard:


Or these gems, from other fans:


See? Look at that shit.

I know Mountaineer Nation is a fickle bunch, and we deserve someone who is going to do the right thing for the team.

But in Bill Stewart’s case, someone who has really stepped up and has done a lot for the players, the students, and the school as a whole – give the man a little respect. If he was someone like Rich Rodriguez, who is just an asshole – I can understand the hate. You can demand that he steps down, just quit being a bunch of assholes. That doesn’t solve the problem.

Trust that Oliver Luck will make the right decision for WVU. Let’s let Stewart peacefully retire with at least some respect that he stepped up when the time was needed, and leave it at that. Hell, it could have been worse, we could have had Skip Holtz as a coach. Or, we could be a school that murders young boys by putting them on scissor lifts in the middle of a torrential storm. [ahem…Notre Lame..ahem]