Double your commitment!


According to the good folks over at WV Illustrated, WVU received 2 commits today for the 2011 recruiting class.

Vance and Vernard Roberts, both of Dunbar High School out of Washington, DC went ahead and committed to the Mountaineers.

According to the article, WVU was loyal to the Brothers Roberts through thick-and-thin.

“I committed to West Virginia around 2:30[p.m.] after class,” Vernard Roberts told The reason I picked West Virginia is because I felt like it was a home away from home. It’s a down-to-earth school and they’ve been loyal to me and my brother since day one. My brother was facing a lot of adversity and we had a lot of weight on our backs and West Virginia University stayed loyal to us. I just think it’s the perfect school. I want to have the chance to get an education and to play at the next level and West Virginia seemed like the perfect school.”

Vernard is a 3-star 5’10” running back, while Vance is a 4-star 5’10” corner back. It turns out that both brothers had made plans to attend the same school together.

“That was always a must for me and my brother. Since we were little, we’ve been doing everything together. We’ve been playing football together, even brushing our hair together when both of us had hair. When you see me, you see my brother, so why not experience college together. It’s a big step, and I plan on doing it with my brother.”

The Roberts brothers coach, Craig Jeffries, feels the brothers made the right decision.

“I really want kids to make their own decision and I try to find a place that they’ll fit best. I’m excited for them because I think it’s a really good fit,” he says. “They like the facilities, of course. They like the schemes that Coach [Chris] Beatty and Coach [Dave] Lockwood have and the way they’d be used in it, they really liked that. They are prototype West Virginia guys in each individual position – fast, smart kids who like to play. They’re just a great fit in terms of their skills matching with what West Virginia does.”

The two will not be changing their minds. They plan to finish the English classes they need during summer school to graduate early and enroll at WVU in January 2011.

“It’s definitely important for us to graduate early, so we can get a headstart on the other incoming freshmen,” says Roberts. “Me and my brother are trying to play early. We want to come and contribute positively to the team early, so what better way to do it than to graduate early and get an early start?”

On behalf of HailWV and the Mountaineer Nation, we welcome you in advance to Morgantown and WVU! Sounds like you all have your heads screwed on right, and seems like they have their priorities in order. Look forward to seeing you all on the field in a couple of years.