Butler and Ebanks: Back-to-back!


Last night in the NBA Draft, Da’Sean Butler and Devin Ebanks were drafted to play in the NBA. Where did they go? Find out after the jump (although I’m sure you know by now.)

Da’Sean Butler went to the MIAMI HEAT with pick #42. USA TODAY has termed him the “steal of the draft.”

"With all the hoopla over John Wall being a superstar, Kentucky getting five in the first round and underclassmen dominating again, the Miami Heat may have gotten the best bargain in the NBA draft with the 42nd pick.The team’s selection of West Virginia’s Da’Sean Butler, a 6-7 guard, may pay off bigger for Miami than any other pick last night.There were questions of whether Butler would even get drafted after he tore up his left knee (who can forget the sight of coach Bob Huggins cradling him on the floor) in the NCAA playoffs.But prior to his injury, Butler was thought of as a sure first-rounder and his play last year (he scored more than 2,000 career points) was superior to almost every other player picked.While college stardom doesn’t always transfer to the NBA, if Butler, expected back on the court in the fall, is anywhere near the player he was pre-injury, other executives may wonder how Heat president Pat Riley pulled off grand theft robbery without a mask and a weapon. — Reid ChernerHere is what ESPN’s Chad Ford said about Butler prior to the draft:…He’s got a knack for making game winning plays and has good size for a backup shooting guard prospect and a high basketball i.q… The nba needs more guys like butler, who have heart, toughness, confidence to take and make the game winning shots and who work hard on both offense and defense. If some team does take a chance on him they may be rewarded with a very good player later on when he comes back from this injury."

So, with all of that said about Butler, we definitely wish him the best of luck in Miami. He definitely won the hearts of Mountaineer Nation this past season with his leadership and play on the floor. (Yes, the same hearts that we all thought would send us to the hospital because of the team’s “Cardiac Kids” play.)

Devin Ebanks, with pick #43, went to one of the NBA teams I despise with every fiber of my soul, the LOS ANGELES LAKERS. (The other teams are the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns.)

According to ESPN Los Angeles, Devin Ebanks is happy to be close to Lamar Odom and Ron Artest and is ready to learn about NBA Basketball:

"ON ODOM AND ARTESTFor the Queens native, joining the Lakers also means a reunion with players he has known for years.“Lamar Odom, my uncle grew up with him,” Ebanks said. “He’s from my neighborhood. Ron Artest [is] right there. I live two minutes away from Ron Artest and 10 minutes from Lamar, so I see those guys all the time. Having a chance to play with them is a great opportunity.”"

"ON BEING READY TO LEARN ABOUT THE NBAAs a second-round pick, there’s no guarantee Ebanks will make the final roster, much less see much time for a team looking to win its third consecutive championship. The value of being part of an elite team, however, wasn’t lost on Ebanks.“I have a whole bunch of stuff to learn about the NBA. And what better team for it to be than the Lakers?” Ebanks said. “I’m playing for the best team in the world right now. I’ll go in there and try to learn from some veterans. Hopefully, my career will take off from there.”"

While I can never root for the Lakers (because I’m a Spurs fan), even despite Jerry West’s Legacy and Ebanks being on that team, I do wish Ebanks the best of luck in Los Angeles. Personally, I think Ebanks should have stuck around another year in Morgantown, but it’s his career, and he chose to go pro early.

Again, good luck, fellas!