Moo-U Students Should Demand a Refund


In an article posted by the Charleston Daily Mail, it says that Marshall students pay a lot of cash to support the university’s athletic programs.

WVU students only pay $157/year out of their tuition to cover athletics, whereas Marshall students pay a whopping $890/year to pay for athletics. The $890 is 1/5 of the tuition that Moo-U students pay.

Marshall spent about $24 million on athletics last year. About $12.8 million was in subsidies from either student fees or directly or indirectly from institutional monies that are ultimately made up in part by taxpayer dollars, according to the center.

At WVU, student fees and taxpayer dollars amounted to just under 8 percent of the athletic department’s $55 million budget in 2008-09.

At Marshall, about $890 a year from each student’s tuition went toward funding college sports. In-state undergraduate tuition is about $5,200 a year.

It’s nice being in a big conference like the Big East, whereas Marshall took a lateral step from the MAC to C-USA. In a conference where you finish 6-6 overall, and 4-4 within the conference and somehow manage to win a MAC bowl (that you used to dominate in the MAC) against a mediocre Ohio University team; whereas the winner of the Big East is guaranteed a BCS bid. Where does the winner of C-USA go? The Liberty Bowl!

Marshall is ranked DEAD LAST in the conference as far as school endowments go. Marshall has $60 million, whereas Rice University ranks #1 with $4.67 billion. WVU has an endowment of $430 million and is in the middle of the pack.

Marshall fans have ALWAYS had an inferiority complex with WVU. They think they are so much superior to Morgantown… last time I was in Huntington, I was fearing for my life. That town is all ghetto with a little extra. Huntington is what I’ve termed “Little Detroit.” Plus, isn’t Huntington the FATTEST TOWN IN AMERICA!? Didn’t Jamie Oliver have to bring his “Food Revolution” TV show to your fat cowtown?


I mean, I dread this game every year that it comes up, only because the idiot Marshall fans are out in full force saying, “WE ARE… MARSHALL!” We know you guys are Marshall. Last year, I had the mis-fortune of listening to their band perform at halftime. Yes, I boo’ed them along with the rest of the Mountaineer faithful at Mountaineer Field. And, how about that band name, “Marching Thunder?” “Marching Thunder” sounds a lot like what goes on in the bathroom after I eat Taco Bell!

How did your basketball team do this year? What tournament were you all in, the Invitational? Not even good enough for the NIT! Meanwhile, in bracketland, the Big East CHAMPIONS WVU makes it all the way to the Final Four, where you all lose to Appalachian State! The students should be asking for a refund after that debacle. Meanwhile, you all live vicariously through other teams BECAUSE YOUR SCHOOL SUCKS! I mean, doesn’t matter whether it’s Pitt or Duke… you all know your school sucks so bad you have to root for other teams to beat your in-state “rivals.” And, it’s not even a rivalry!

Moo-U, just go slither back to the Football Championship Subdivision! Then, you all can claim to “play for championships” again.

Don’t let this guy scare you, Mountaineer Fans. He’s just mad because there’s a long line to the restroom and he’s about to explode at any second.