A few quick links


It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and I’m resting up for 1100 miles of auto racing tomorrow…although I did enjoy the Nationwide Series race today, until Kyle Busch pulled away to win it. I think I figured out why he races all 3 series: He has to buy all kinds of shiny and expensive crap for his smokeshow fiancée just to keep her. I mean, let’s face it, if he wasn’t a successful NASCAR driver accumulating millions of bucks each summer, would she even give this Pee-Wee Herman lookalike a 2nd look? Anyway, I’m sorry for ranting about NASCAR, this is a WVU Sports blog. NASCAR is over at Stock Car Spin.

WVU Baseball team eliminated from Big East tournament by South Florida, 10-5. However, the bigger story is that Jedd Gyorko played his last game in a Mountaineer uniform and is anticipated to be a high pick in the MLB Draft. (Please be 35… please!!)

20th class of WVU Sports Hall of Fame named. Names include Marc Bulger (I hope he finds a team soon… I just hope Josh McDaniels doesn’t sign him… my Broncos have enough problems at QB right now), Eddie Barrett, Bobby Carroll, Bill Karr, Ann-Marie (Pfiffner) Johnson, John Radosevich and Ronnie Retton. The induction will take place this fall, date TBA. Let me say a piece about a Hall of Famer I recently heard about: Stan Romanoski. Back in March, when I took a vacation to San Antonio, I had the pleasure of running into his son (and damn me, I forgot to ask for his name) at the Houston International Airport during my hangover layover (hungover as a result of raucous drinking in San Antonio the night before.) He was a very nice guy, and it was indeed a pleasure talking to him. It just goes to show you, you’ll never know when you run into a Mountaineer fan/WVU alum in this great country of ours.

Finally… I promised myself that I would NEVER post links from Mike Florio’s ProFootballTalk site when I was given the reigns to HailWV. Why? Well, for one thing, Florio is a talentless hack that couldn’t make it in the legal world. Two, he gives West Virginians everywhere a bad name anytime he posts on PFT, The Sporting News, or goes on NBC and takes abuse from fellow hack Peter King. Three, any team that’s even a REMOTE THREAT to his beloved Minnesota Vikings, he will post hit pieces about those teams on his site. Don’t believe me? Well, read all the hit pieces he has posted about the New Orleans Saints. Having gotten my anti-Florio rant out of the way, I will give him the benefit of at least being a homer when it comes to WVU players in the NFL. He recently posted an article about Pat White gaining 18 pounds in muscle, and dropping body fat. Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano had good things to say about White:

"“Pat has done a great job right now,” Sparano said.  “His offseason has been outstanding.  The guy has put an awful lot of time in, I mean he really has.  I mean all of these quarterbacks have to their credit.  But, I’m talking about time like second week of February, like kicking them out of here when Super Bowl teams are practicing and those kind of things.  These guys been here that long.”"

While I’m happy to see that White is progressing, I fear that Sparano is just building him up for trade bait. White was taken in the 2nd round, and didn’t get a lot of playing time in the Wildcat Offense. Unfortunately, his season ended with Ike Taylor knocking the living batsh*t out of him! I didn’t see the play til later, because I was on the road coming home from the debacle called the Gator Bowl.

Anyway, if you click that PFT article, do NOT read the comments. Most of the people who comment on PFT are mouth-breathing, feeble-minded idiots anyway. Translation: nothing good comes from PFT.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Remember the reason for Memorial Day, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Be back on Tuesday!