Deon Long granted transfer, with strings attached


Former four-star recruit wide receiver Deon Long has been granted his wish to transfer from WVU and was released from his scholarship, according to College Football Talk. However, the University actually added some stipulations to his transfer: he cannot transfer to Maryland or Texas Tech. Maryland is a no-brainer; they’re back on the Mountaineers schedule. That would obviously create a huge conflict of interest. Texas Tech because Long’s former coach at Hargrave is on the new TTU staff. The Texas Tech stipulation is minor, as far as I’m concerned, but the Maryland one is HUGE! I don’t want someone transferring from WVU to a program that’s on our schedule for the fall. Last time someone did that, well, I won’t delve into it too much, but who remembers Scott McBrien? Yeah, he lit the Eers up several times after he left. Thanks for that, Rich Rod!

Long plans to appeal the decision prohibiting him from transferring to Maryland. He’s also considering Virginia, Virginia Tech, New Mexico and Arizona. Being from the Washington, DC area, Long says he wants to be closer to home. Then, why New Mexico and Arizona? Baffling.

There’s one part of the article that caught my attention, and just sent me into fits of laughter:

"As for why he left WVU so abruptly, Long says that Morgantown left him feeling out of place socially.  Hmmm, whatever could the young man mean by that…"

C’mon, man! Seriously? I guess some people just can’t wait it out to the fall.