No real shock... Cases moving forward in two States.

Providence County Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein rejected all of WVU’s arguments for dismissal. Furthermore, the Court has set no further deadlines for the prosecution of this case. This will be forthcoming I am sure (note author’s sarcasm). Judge Clawges set the trial date for the Mon County based case on June 25th. As you are aware that is just a week before WVU would wish to participate in the Big XII.

Judge Silverstein did what he was expected to do. Where this becomes an impediment, is that it likely means that two separate jurisdictions will rule the matter. That means that WVU will be in court fighting on two fronts. Should the two separate jurisdictions come down on opposite sides of this issue then the Federal Courts will be forced to get involved.

Simply stated, the current impediment brought about by Judge Silverstein’s ruling would be delay. Delay is an issue as it can inhibit the necessary scheduling for the upcoming season. The Big East is trying to force WVU’s hand by slowing the process enough that WVU is forced to play in the Big East. Some have recently opined that this means that the Big East is winning; I am not as concerned.

The discovery process for both cases is about to begin in earnest. This is where I see the member schools of the Big East getting uneasy about the process. Now the books will be laid open for all to see. Conference meetings will now become transparent. This means that any warts will be exposed. WVU is going to have an opportunity to expose the Big East for what it has become. I am fairly confident that those member institutions will not want that type of scrutiny.

I wish I could give you more than speculation on this matter, but until we start to see the discovery flow we are stuck with anticipation of things to come.

My humble suggestion, for all of the Eer faithful, is to simply focus on what is immediately important, you may have heard the Discover Orange Bowl kicks off tonight at 8:30. I know that is going to have my full attention.

Da Geek

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