FAST FACTS: Louisville

FACT ONE: WVU’s hurry-up offense has been named ”Pitino” for this week only.

FACT TWO: Not a single person named ”Teddy” has been successful since Teddy Roosevelt died.

FACT THREE: His name isn’t Charlie Smart for a reason.

FACT FOUR: Tom Jurich once tried to get Louisville into the SEC on the basis of ”Tom Jurich said so”.

FACT FIVE: Louisville is the 2nd most popular football team in the state of Kentucky. University of Kentucky Football has never won a single SEC East Division Title.

FACT SIX: THIS GUY  was a great QB at Louisville.

FACT SEVEN: Lee Corso once coached at Louisville, which makes them partly responsible for his success.

FACT EIGHT: Louisville plays Cincinnati for the ”Keg of Nails” trophy, named after what it feels like you just ate while watching a Louisville football game.

FACT NINE: Mitch McConnell is actually a Muppet.

FACT TEN: Louisville is not in the Big 12.


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