NY Post: "WVU set to leave for Big 12." (Updated)

For some unknown reason, I wake up at 7am most mornings. First thing I read this morning when I grabbed my new iPhone 4 was this article…

West Virginia lined up to leave Big East for Big 12.

After the jump are some article highlights…

From the NY Post…

The Big East Football Conference’s survival as a league with BCS automatic-qualifier status is about to take a serious hit because the Big 12 has lined up West Virginia to replace Missouri, The Post has learned.

The Big 12 held a board of directors meeting yesterday, and a source said the league’s plan is to hold on to Missouri, which wants to leave for the SEC, for one more year then replace it with West Virginia.

That would mean the Big East is losing a fourth FBS-playing member, leaving the league with five schools that play FBS football: Cincinnati, Connecticut, Louisville, Rutgers and South Florida.

And, to go on…

A source said the Big 12, by holding Missouri, might hold at 10 teams for next season and then consider a jump to 16 teams. Louisville and Cincinnati are under consideration as well as Boise State and BYU.

Now, let’s wrap it up…

Of course, the Big East faces a bigger problem. If Louisville, Pitt, Syracuse and West Virginia are all headed elsewhere, whether it be in one or two years, Big East Football Conference would probably collapse, leaving the exit penalties moot.

The league is one of six that has AQ status, meaning the league champ gets an automatic berth in the lucrative BCS pool. Without AQ status, the Big East loses all leverage.

Well, it looks we, as WVU fans, alumni and supporters, are FINALLY seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Remember, this is not me making up information (as some people will attempt to paint this as.) I am simply spreading good news. The whole situation is fluid, and it looks like Mizzou will need to speed things up a little. Will they? I highly doubt it, they seem to love being in the spotlight by taking their time, talk about “Oh, we’ll think about it” every time they hold one of their “Bored of Curators” meetings (and, yes, that was an intentional typo.” Mizzou, get crackin’!

Meanwhile, time to go find a cowboy hat! Giddy up!

UPDATE, 11:50 AM

USA Today is also reporting it, along with the Post’s rival paper, the NY Times.

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