We're taking a vacation

That’s right, faithful readers… it is time for me to take a long vacation. In fact, I am on the road as we speak.

After turning Mountaineer Nation practically upside down last month (here), I decided that I should reward myself with an extended, 2-week vacation.

I will be heading back to the lovely Palmetto State that is South Carolina. My SC destination?

The 56th County of West Virginia, aka Myrtle Beach.

If something big happens, Dwayne, Josh K, Josh T, or Jeremy will take care of breaking it… unless Coach Holgorsen gets caught with a hooker. In that case, that story is MINE! If you should still feel compelled to e-mail, I’ll reply when I get back.

So long, suckers! Be back August 1st!

Best travel song, ever…

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