Holiday Caption Contest

OK, so we’re going to be out of commission for the holiday weekend. I hope nothing big happens. If it does, I guess we’ll have to beat the media to the punch again.

Anyway… a little fun to take us into the Holiday Weekend: A photo caption contest. After the jump…

Submit your captions in the comments box!

Happy 4th of July weekend, folks! We’ll be back on Tuesday, 5 July ’11.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • Andrew Little

    Going for the field goal on 3rd and 2 might have been a bad idea but atleast the fact that I only spent 60 bucks on this entire outfit at Daniels was a good call!

  • WVUWoody

    Peace Out Bitches!

    • Jim


  • Eric Iser

    I’ve got my marching orders! i hope the door doesnt’t hit me where the Good Lord split me.

  • Goose Magoo

    “The pre-game taco bar may not have been the best of ideas…”

  • howboutdemeers

    “Man, Dub V, kicked my ass to the curb faster than, Cheap Suit Chucky, can stick his imitation gator shoe wearin’foot in his mouth!”

    • Jim

      imitation gator shoes… haha, that’s awesome. Compliments the Cheap Suit to a T.