Embarrassing loss in Pittsburgh


Just f**king terrible.

That sums up tonight’s loss.

I guess the team forgot that you’re supposed to play 2 halves of basketball.

Just took a look at the statsheet at ESPN.com… it’s uglier than that Pitt girl who blew a kiss at the camera tonight.

I’m going to take a new approach to this… my mentor at Fansided, Jeff Bartl, runs a Chicago Blackhawks site… and after every game, he takes a screenshot of the box score and just gives his commentary on it, otherwise known as “Boxing.” So, let’s do a little boxing with the Backyard Brawl, shall we?

Editor’s note: If you’re having a hard time seeing the image, just CLICK on it and it’ll enlarge… you probably already know to do that, though. Of course, there is a certain intelligence level required to read this site, and if you don’t have it (and couldn’t figure out how to enlarge the damn image), maybe you shouldn’t be on a computer in the first place.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • http://www.thesportsdudeonline.com The Sports Dude

    You’re being far too kind by calling it “embarrassing”! Let’s face it, this is not a very good basketball team. Probably the worst shooting WVU team I can remember in years.

    • http://www.hailwv.com Jim

      “Embarrassing” was used for lack of a better word/term.

      This team is indeed terrible… a shell of last year’s team, at that.

      Is it football season yet?