Big East given green light to expand

The results from today’s meeting in Philadelphia with the Conference Athletic Directors and Presidents…

The Big East Conference has been given the green light to expand to 10 football members.

Who do you bring in, and why?

Personally, teams like TCU, Houston, Villanova and/or Temple are on the clock.


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  • Steve Moore

    I am a transplanted Mountaineer alumni and fan who now lives in the Houston Texas area. I bleed Mountaineer Blue and Gold! My own flesh and blood went to, and graduated from TCU but I do NOT think that TCU is a good fit for the Big East Conference because they obviously are looking to expand in both Football and basketball and geographically it is not good from a financial standpoint either. Texas would cost the University more than it would ever regain financially because once a school joins the conference its usually a home and away schedule. The reports I have been reading down here in Houston have all been saying that TCU coaching staff and their administration do not believe that the Big East conference would be a good expansion for them either. TCU is also in talks/negotiations with the Big 12 conference administrators since they are loosing two schools to other conferences.
    The University of Houston – plainly put- SUCKS!!! because their athletic facilities are archaic at best! Even if the Uof H blew up its current facilities and football stadium, they would never be ready to play football at the Big East caliber of competition. Athletics has NEVER been a focus of the university of Houston’s board of Regents. Just ask former couches who have come and gone to that campus because they can’t even get basic materials and ammenities paid for by the school’s admini9tration and athletic department.
    As far as Temple University goes…Okay, is this the SAME Temple program that the Big East Conference THREW OUT of the conference just a few years ago!!!? What is so sterling about them now? Villanova has a better chance of developing a Division I Football program (using the UCON model).
    Just a thought, but what about talking to East Carolina University? ECU has an already established football and basketball program and academically they would be a nice fit for the conference. They are a good geographical location and other Big East schools have played them in both Football and basketball.
    Last thought… NOTRE DAME-GET OUT!! If you won’t join us for Football then take your school and join another conference. Your presence in our league is ruining the rest of the league!

    • Jim

      Thanks for stoppin’ by, Steve…

      I think your comment is just a tad too late, my friend. :) At least for TCU