Jarrett Brown: Sleeper?

You read that correctly, Mountaineer fans. Over at NFLMocks.com, they have profiled Jarrett Brown as a possible “Sleeper/Steal.” I had actually planned on (later this week) using NFLMocks.com to talk about where Brown, Alric Arnett, and Selvish Capers were going to potentially land in the draft.

Brown could be taken in the 5th or 6th round. I’m going to be a homer and hold out for the 3rd or 4th round.

In this article, Brown is labeled as “underrated,” which I agree with. I truthfully believe he has all kinds of potential. Also, the article mentions lack of game experience. So true. I remember back in December 2007, when WVU was playing Rutgers. It was a very cold night, and this (at the time) freshman named Jarrett Brown was getting the start because Pat White was hurt. Brown stepped it up that night, and it was one of the more thrilling games I’ve ever attended… this game went into 3 OTs. WVU won and earned a bid for the Gator Bowl. I knew 3 years ago that Brown would be something special, but he was in Pat White’s shadow until last year. He has the arm strength to be an excellent NFL quarterback, and just needs the right coach to do well. Are you listening, Josh McDaniels? Let me now mention that I am a Denver Broncos fan. The only thing with Brown is he needs to develop himself.

Head on over to NFLMocks.com and check his article out. While you’re over there, check out the site. Oh, and before I forget: FanSided.com has partnered with CBSSports.com to do a LIVE MOCK DRAFT today at 1pm ET. Bet you didn’t see that one coming, eh? Congratulations to FanSided.com!

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  • eerman

    As both a Mountaineer and Bronco fan, i would love to see J.B. in the orange and blue although not sure if our front office is smart enough to make a move like that, and lord knows our coaching staff isn’t. We haven’t had a very good track record on player management lately

  • http://www.hailwv.com wvujim

    Eerman, thanks for stopping by. It’s always nice to meet a fellow Mountaineer (AND Broncos fan.)

    All I’ll say is, I’m not holding my breath on JB being in the Orange and Blue anytime soon. For some reason, McD is in love with Tebow. I say Dez Bryant is suitable for the 1st round, and if McD just HAS to take Tebow, I would prefer converting him to TE, filling in Scheffler’s void.